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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Login Issues
    • Forgotten Password — There is a link on the login page to reset you password if you have forgotten it. If you no longer have access to the e-mail address that was used to register for the website, please use the contact form and we will assist you as quickly as possible
    • Account Locked out — There are a number of methods employed to protect this website, its users, and its content. Account lockouts are a part of that self protection. The lockout can be both temporary and permanent. Account may not be accessed from multiple internet addresses simultaneously. Accounts cannot be accessed from more than a predefined number of internet addresses per day. If your account becomes locked out, please contact us immediately to address and remedy the issue.
    • Subscription Expired — When an annual subscription expires the system will not automatically send a bill or charge for a renewal. Instead, when a subscription expires a notification will appear when attempting upon login. To renew, simply purchase another annual subscription. After purchasing a new subscription then select the existing user option on the registration page.
  • Billing
    • Payment Options — The will be no offline payment options for this website at this time so please do not ask. At this writing all payments must be made through the Paypal system. You do not have to have or sign-up for a Paypal membership. These payments may be made via credit card without having to be a Paypal member. The Classic Arms Journal will not at any time have access to your credit card information.
    • Cancelling Subscription — There will be no refund in part or whole for cancellation of a subscription. A subscription grants access to the contents of the magazine for an entire year. When the year is up simply do not purchase another subscription.